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The New Worlds of the Americas have for over 500 years presented an interesting enigma to social scientists. It is a fascination that grows ever more mysterious as new information is discovered by Archaeologists.

Now, an even greater mystery is presented, as it appears that early ancient languages can be found over vast areas of these newly identified continents. Findings show that these strange New Worlds were indeed neither new nor strange. Not, that is, from an Asiatic perspective.

Several studies have been presented and published on this topic; the earliest it seems was in the 1920’s by a Peruvian technician. Further research has been proposed by Barry Fell, Prof. Yoshida, Nancy Yaw Davis, and Don Smithana. In all, these proposals are in Spanish, English and Japanese. Much of this work is the result of researchers who are not connected with the Linguistic community. However, one of the foremost Linguistic scholars, Dr. Joseph Greenberg did manage to reduce the apparent chaos of language to basically three that were prevalent in North America.

This latest book, November 2008 by Smithana, identifies the possibility that there was a “Big Bang” of language several thousand years ago. There have been identified three ancient languages on the American continents and they are from predominantly seafaring people. This mixture of languages coalesced and rained down upon these continents leaving a residue that can be identified using the Scientific technique described in the book; “DECODING AMERICA’S ANCIENT INDIAN LANGUAGES”... [READ MORE!]
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